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How will the Projects be judged?

An international and independent contest jury, composed of professionals, will gather in July 2015 for the evaluation of the submitted projects. The judging will be done under the guidance of a dedicated SCIA representative. This person will see to the correct application of the quotation procedure.

The jury will take the following characteristics into account:

  • The technical level of the design, detailing and/or the calculations, the use of Open BIM and interoperability
  • The originality and prestige of the project
  • The attractiveness and completeness of the project and the way it has been presented in the submitted documents
  • The optimal use of the functionalities of the used software solutions.

What you will gain from taking part

  • National and international attention for your company
  • Worldwide press coverage for the contest winners and nominees
  • Extensive promotion by the software vendor(s).
  • Appearance of your project in the "The Art of Structural Design" Contest Book (4.000 copies)
  • About 50.000 people from the construction industry do read the contest book
  • A chance to win one of the cash prizes in each category

User Contest 2015 prizes

People and tastes differ ... Did you ever win a prize that was useless to you?
Therefore, we think it is important that your prize is one which you have a chance to enjoy and take great pleasure in.
That is why we are offering our 6 winners a money prize to be spent up to their own personal choice.

For each of the laureates of this contest, a cheque with a value of €1.500 will be waiting, the winner of the special 'Prize of the Jury' and the 'Prize of the Public' will also receive €1.500. This makes a grand total of 9.000.

A short promotional movie on the winning projects will be created and shared with the winners.

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