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Categories of the SCIA User Contest 2015

For the 2015 User Contest, the projects will be divided into 4 categories. You can submit one or more projects in any of the categories mentioned below. If in SCIA's opinion, your project needs to be classified under another category, other than the one in which you have submitted your project, we will inform you about this.

Each category requires at least 4 participating projects (1 winner and 3 nominees). When this prerequisite is not met, the category will be excluded from this contest and the projects will be transferred to the most suited remaining categories.

Category 1: Buildings

Design of buildings, residences, apartments, roof spans for houses, also high-rise buildings… for which Scia Engineer and/or Allplan Engineering software has been used for modelling, analysis, design and detailing.

The originality of the design and detailing of the structural work fitting with the architectural design is a decisive factor. Illustration of a BIM process is of special importance.

Category 2: Civil Structures

Any type of structure that fits within civil engineering, at which Scia Engineer and/or Allplan Engineering software has been used. It regards structures including each type of bridge (beam, arch, cable-stayed, suspension bridge…), tunnels, bulkheads, locks, barrages, in short general infrastructure ...

» The level of application of engineering science is decisive.

Category 3: Industrial Buildings and Plants

Design of general steel or concrete structures, power plants, frame structures, large span halls and hangars, pre-engineered buildings… for which Scia Engineer and/or Allplan Engineering software has been used.

» The focus is on the size of the structure, and the level of detailing, e.g. for the steel or concrete members and connections, or reinforcement.

Category 4: Special Projects

Specialty structures – Sustainable, Ecological and Green Structures – Scaffolding – Works of art – Mechanical equipment… Larger projects (storage tanks, conveyer belts, cold storage installations, supporting structures), playground equipment, cranes, tubular connections… for which Scia or Allplan software has been used. To this category also belong stadiums, spectacular roofs.

» Winning criteria are: originality, complexity and creativity.

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